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March 15, 2009


Tim Jones-Yelvington

Middle Cyclone is awesome. I'm very happy with it.

I actually thought Fox Confessor got really widespread attention and that Neko Case had arrived... I mean... Starbucks. I feel like she's got the boomers and the youngins now. But maybe I live in too urban and indie a social milieu to accurately gauge, or my perspective is skewed.

Sean Carman

You're right. Starbucks is sort of the measure of these things. But I will not be satisfied until she is performing the half-time at the Super Bowl!

Dan Wickett

Listening right now and enjoying greatly.

Andrew Roe

Yes. Neko Case. Yes. And that album cover: one of the greatest of all time. She is bad ass.


I'd never heard of her until I read a couple articles about her in The Oxford American Magazine, and listened to her song "Hold On" on the accompanying CD. LOVED IT! I'm now smitten with Neko Case, and it looks like I can get in line...

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