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January 16, 2009



you're talking about the jan harpers right? I was just browsing the feb issue yesterday. I read a few paragraphs of the julavitz story and stopped which doesn't mean anything other than I just stopped but I remember the language being long sentences and that is all. The dfw stuff was great to read. the feb issue has a great piece by slouka in the notebook section and I read a thing by colson whitehead, a talk he gave at the tin house workshop about everyone should write like carver that kind of annoyed me, etc.


yeah. you're right, it was the jan harper's. i bought it in the mall last week while trying to kill time though i was finally able to go to the site and saw there was a new issue since then. i've got the whitehead deal open here in another window, will read shortly.

the julavitz story was interesting. i really didn't care for it that much (you're right about the language too; there seem to be long sentences and big words where big words aren't necessary nor do they always work very fluidly the way, say, dfw or chabon or someone uses big words) but kept reading out of curiosity because i don't think i've ever read her before. then, it was one of the stories where all the power of the story seemed to be in the ending. which is odd. and i'm never quite sure how to feel about stories like that.


ok, just read the whitehead thing (http://harpers.org/archive/2009/02/0082377) and it kind of annoyed me as well. it was mostly just supposed to be funny, no? though it wasn't especially. i wonder if it translated better in its original, intended form.

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