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March 01, 2009



i love the both of you very much


awesome. as long as you love it, blake. that's all i care about. and i'm being totally sincere.



this is so fucking ill. sam and elizabeth. two of my favorite upcoming writers. upcoming as opposed to up-and-coming because it sounds like vertical cumming and also like headlights you see out of the corner of your eye when trying to cross the tracks and realize that train is going to smash you dead, fly angels.


if anyone is going to break into my house to get free copies of sam's book, please let me know ahead of time so i dont kill you accidentally. i just bought a .38 ruger with my tax refund and im itching to use it.

sam, you are supposed to end everything with "i love everyone who reads this"

ann arbor will be fun. im moving the week after, so e, you should make me a going away cake. chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

sam pink

i want to buy a .357, where can i get a cheap .357 that bangs like a motherfucker. i love everyone who reads this.


barry, wtf? you can't leave the week after! i'm going to cry. everyone leaves me. seriously. that is fucked up, man. still, i will make you a cake. just don't give any to sam cuz he doesn't deserve any. blake and mary and simmons and you and everyone else. but none for pink. promise?



stop making me sad.

you and aaron will come visit me on the jersey shore? yes?

i could never promise such a thing. my cake is sam's cake.


we finna eat sum cake yall$

after typing that i punched my own ear

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