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May 20, 2010


Mike Alber

yeah, this is awesome. and even though the video isn't specifically linked, I don't think, it adds to the piece, synching up in interesting ways and making novel correspondences.


Again...Many thanks for the awesome write up. To me, videogames were my first experience with storytelling, and this project has been so much fun to work on, especially talking to people/giving readings and having people share their memories of their favorite games/playing them/etc. Best story I heard was my friend Dustin had a Zelda themed birthday party and beat the game AT the birthday party with all of the guests cheering him on. Amazing.

Danilo Thomas

The repetition is amazing, but you need to hear Mr. Oliu read the story himself, or read it loudly out-loud to yourself, to truly appreciate the lyricism in the piece. Brilliant.

Account Deleted

It's really nice.... u shared some usefull and informative aspects..its gud and i'll definitely look forward for such blogs............


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